Attorney Services

Newport P.I. specializes in helping Attorneys on a daily basis with their case load. It is a constant flow of information to and from the Law Office’s through our online case management system that allows smaller firms to operate as if they have in house Investigators along with allowing the larger firms to extend there in house Investigators out into the field with our extensive network of specialist.

Additionally we can help your firm with:

Service of Process: our agents are Private Investigators and California law allows Private Investigators an exemption to the requirements of being registered Process Servers. Our Investigators can simply deliver your papers to a business or Medical Office, but our specialty is locating and serving the difficult subjects. We provide expert locate services prior to field work, we can establish surveillance to ensure proper service, additionally all serves are videotaped to guarantee a good serve.

Witness Management: we can help with locating you’re difficult to find witness, determining their account of the case and taking the appropriate statements. Additionally we can establish surveillance either protective or otherwise.

Surveillance: regardless of the case, much can be learned by the quiet observations of a subject, client, or witness to determine their known associates, employment, or general level of activity. Our surveillance teams consist of Investigators with a minimum of ten years experience in the field with the appropriate equipment, vehicle, and planning.

Asset Searches: can be conducted to determine the value of a lawsuit, the true worth of a person or business entity. This is a complex Investigation which should only be conducted by a firm who has the experience and the knowledge of the complex laws governing these request.

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