31 Jan 2012

Asset Searches

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Request for Asset Searches in Newport Beach have increased a great deal over the past year or so. It seems like more people are getting judgments that they need to collect on our Spouses are hiding money during a divorce.  We can help with just about any type of asset search including the locating of checking accounts, safe deposit boxes, and brokerage accounts regardless of what State they are located in.

There are many types of Asset Searches offered by Private Investigators and their Detective Agencies, I was recently asked why our prices were so much different than other Private Investigation Firms. This is mostly because 95% of Private Investigators do not know how to do an Asset Search themselves, they usually just rely on incomplete database information and report that to the client without doing any actual Detective Work or verifying the information at the same time staying within all applicable State and Federal Laws that govern use of Asset Searches in Investigations and Judgement Recovery.

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