Service of Process

We are more reliable than any Process Server in Orange County, contact us for your “service of process” for any legal documents whether it is small claims or the need to locate difficult to find defendants to serve.

Our expert Private Investigators serve legal documents successfully every day. We take extra steps to insure proper service in a timely and efficient manner. Attorneys in Orange County prefer our services rather than registered process servers because of extra thought that goes into every service instead of just showing up at given addresses. Additionally all of our services include the following:

  • Addresses are confirmed prior to the serve being assigned.
  • Subjects schedule is attempted to be determined prior to service.
  • Attempts include stakeouts if the Defendant is uncooperative.
  • All serves are videotaped to document a good serve.
  • Proofs of service are delivered immediately electronically.

Additional expert locate services can be conducted in combination with Service of Process if the defendants whereabouts are unknown.

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