31 Oct 2011

Can you prove my Ex is working?

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We can conduct an Investigation and determine if your Ex Wife or Husband is working and document this through reports and video surveillance. If they are claiming they are not working and cannot pay child support we can provide evidence to the contrary.   If they are working every day of the week and sticking to a fairly normal daily schedule obtaining the evidence can be done fairly quickly and at minimal expense.

However we will work with your Attorney and let them determine when the amount of evidence we have obtained is sufficient for them to take into court and disprove any claims of non employment.  Normally we would like to conduct surveillance for a week straight and come back at periodic times to make sure the Ex is sticking to their work schedule.  This strategy will give them little wiggle room so they don’t claim that they just happen to be working on those days but didn’t work on the days the surveillance was not being conducted.

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