Background Checks

Pre-employment Screening

There are many State and Federal Laws that govern on how these Background Checks are done and reported. Hiring a Private Investigator to conduct your Pre-Employment Screening rather than using some website provides you with additional counsel on the results at no additional cost along with always having a Private Investigator an email or phone call away.

Tenant Screening

You are aware of the horror stories. If you own property or are about to rent for the first time you need to know who is occupying your Investment. We can help you check for criminal history but more importantly when it comes to Tenant Screening we will check for Civil history which show lawsuits that include Unlawful Retainer (history of eviction). Optional checks include Credit and Employment.

Business Prospective

Whether you are entering into a new business venture with a partner, buying a franchise, dealing with prospective buyers of your business you need to know the story behind the person or company. We offer basic checks along with comprehensive inquiries.


If you are entering into a new relationship or thinking about Marriage you should know the truth. For Ninety-Five dollars you can get a report that gives you a clear look at a persons past. It will include address history, known associates (spouse), criminal history, and civil history which includes any liens or judgments that reflect a persons financial status.

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