Asset Searches

Does someone owe you money? Do you have a judgment against them but they claim they have no money? Are you preparing for a divorce? We can help you determine someones true worth. Uncovering assets whether it be tangible or paper is a very specialized Investigation and should only be conducted by those with the experience and knowledge of the laws involved in these situations. If your situation allows for an Asset Investigation to be undertaken the following items may be uncovered:

  • Bank Accounts; including Savings and Loan, Savings, Checking, Money Market, and Safe Deposit Accounts.
  • Brokerage Accounts; including Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Securities Accounts.
  • Current Income; from Employer, insurance settlements, lottery winnings, rental property etc.
  • Business Ownership; LLC’s Associations, DBA’s, and Incorporations.
  • Real Estate Ownership; including land, residence, rentals, mobile homes, trailers, and undeveloped land.
  • UCC Filings, Liens, and Judgments.
  • Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft, Motorcycles, RV Trailers, and Commercial Vehicles.

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