Child Custody / Parental Neglect

As Orange County’s Trusted Private Investigators, Newport P.I. has written the book on Child Support Investigations and documenting Parental Neglect and helping the courts identify unfit Parents. We understand the importance in these matters; some aspects of these Investigations are the most important part of our business.

  • Monitoring visitation through covert surveillance
    • Ready to intervene if a Child’s safety becomes a concern.
    • Looking for signs of Substance Abuse during visitations.
  • Documenting Parents activities through surveillance to show the courts
    • Work activities or lack of work.
    • Social habits i.e. frequent drinking or partying.
    • Keeping Law Enforcement updated of illegal behavior.
  • Background Checks
    • Criminal History
    • Employment Status
    • Lawsuits
    • Judgments and Liens
  • Character References
    • Take statements from relatives, associates, and co-workers as it relates to Parental Fitness.


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