01 Jun 2012

Five reasons Attorneys should consider or reconsider using a Private Investigator.

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More Billable Hours  Some firms prefer just to refer their client directly to us which is fine and we understand why, however if you were to have your office coordinate the Investigation and take responsibility for the retainer you can bill for our hours at your administrative rate.   This can be a significant source of income and is completely legal and ethical.

Attorney Work Product It solidifies the protection and confidentiality afforded under the Attorney Work Product rules.  We have never been forced to release any client information or reports, but why take a chance.

Efficiency You get only the work you need done and can focus on the results that will help your client’s case.  Often time’s clients bring emotion to the table when requesting Investigative Services.  They will ask for services that are just for their own information but has little value during litigation.

Experience Many law firms have staff attempt locates also known as skip tracing services using Lexis Nexis in order to complete Service of Process.  A good Investigator will have someone in house that only does this type of work.  They can do it quickly, efficiently, and discreetly because of systems in place.  Private Investigators also have Investigators in the field to quickly check on addresses when “office locates” just wont due the trick.  Not to mention the multiple databases and specialized tools like “blind lines” used to pinpoint defendants and witness locations.

Staffing In today’s business environment offices are not completely staffed up like they should be.  Attorneys tend to do more of the research work themselves when they should be focusing their attention on the bigger picture.  You can assure your clients you have a “great Investigator” and he/she will get the information we need to proceed with a successful case outcome.  A good Detective Agency will have easy ways for Attorneys to assign cases either through email or by the Private Investigator dropping by the office quickly to review a file.  You may also find agencies that staff Investigators with Jurist Doctorate Degrees and are certified Paralegals, giving you the opportunity to outsource more than just the basic Investigations.

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