Loss Prevention

Newport P.I. has developed a Loss Prevention program for area businesses to detect and prevent theft, fraud, and financial losses. Our program started some years ago helping small boutique owners from becoming victims of shoplifting and has grown to be a program that is copied across the industry.

We will evaluate your location whether it is a restaurant/bar, clothing boutique, surf shop, or car dealership. We will take a look at and test your current policies and procedures to prevent loss and recommend/implement changes to improve your bottom line and keep you from being ripped off. This may include but is not limited to;

  • Background Checks on current and future employees.
  • Review of employee accounting procedures.
  • Review of building layout and physical security.
  • Review of Security Cameras and Alarms.
  • Coordinate the implementation of Security Guards.
  • Honesty check of current employees.
  • Review of Customer Service and current company policies.

We can conduct these services on a one time basis, however to maintain your Security and to continue to mitigate Loss we offer a monthly program starting at $100 for small stores and ranging to $750 for multiple locations. These programs include ongoing review of all of the above, complimentary background checks for new employees, and bi-weekly undercover checks of your locations operations.

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