25 Apr 2008

Question about background checks.

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Question: Hello,  I was wondering if I could use your professional advice to answer a question I had about fire department background investigations. I am an aspiring firefighter and have ran into a problem in the past when a background investigation has been performed on me for a tentative job offer with a Fire Dept. I have had many entry level low paying jobs while growing up and at the advice of a fire captain was told to not bother putting down all my jobs if i spent only a short time there because it makes me look flakey. My question was would you happen to know if its the standard of fire departments to run your social sec. # in order to determine your complete work history? Or do they just base it off of what you put on your application both for the fire dept and for past employers? I’d hate to lose another job opportunity because i put all my work history when i only could have put half of it and been better off in the end. If you have any ideas or information that would help me I would greatly appreciate your input.  thank you.



Reply: Sir,  job history and background checks are two different things.  The only thing that would hurt you when it comes to past employment is if you had some sort of problem or was fired.  A background check is a search for criminal and civil court records and a fire department may also check your credit history. Which all goes to moral character.


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