30 May 2013

The future of Background Checks

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The Future of Background Checks and Why They Are Essential

Hiring the right employees for your business can be a tricky process that is fraught with risks if you do not carry out appropriate background checks. Rigorous screening checks should form an integral part of your recruitment process to protect your business against fraud, the integrity of sensitive information and the overheads of hiring the wrong employee.

Employers can significantly reduce the risks involved with recruitment by carrying out background screening processes that supplement employee references and other traditional background checks. Credit checks, criminal record checks, identity checks and qualification checks are just some of the screening checks that should be considered. After all, just because it is on the resume doesn’t mean it is so.

Carrying out checks on future employees has been made so much easier and more convenient with the advent of online screening tools and pre-compiled data. Checks can now be completed quickly, and certainly before you select an employee to work for you. Another way to find out more about a potential employee is to tap into the power of social media. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can reveal more about candidates than they probably realize and can help you to make better more informed recruitment decisions.

By carrying out structured background checks you will benefit from the following:

Lower employment costs: hiring staff costs money. Hiring the wrong staff could cost you in overheads, but also your reputation if they compromise your business or data in any way.

An increase in productivity: By hiring the correct candidate you can be confident of improved job performance and high levels of competence.

Enhanced compliance and brand protection: by using a structured screening process you can demonstrate to your clients, employees, insurers and shareholders that you are diligent about employee risks and protecting the reputation of the business.

In the future, expect to make more recruitment decisions based on the information held about candidates online. Whilst references from previous employers are still essential, it’s the information held online that can help you to avoid making costly and risky recruitment decisions.

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