Witness Management

Attorneys in Orange County understand the value of a good Witness. We are frequently called upon to help Locate Witnesses, determine their account of the facts, and continue to help coordinate their involvement. Whether it be arranging for transportation to depositions or court, providing for security, and encouraging uncooperative witnesses to do the right thing.

Locating a Witness whether you know who they are or need to determine if they exist. Our limitless resources and expert Investigators can help you determine a strategy and plan of action to Locate a Witness in preparation for your litigation.

Taking Recorded Statements this is an important process in getting a Witness’ account of the facts while they are still fresh in their minds. We will travel to the Witness to get the statements fast and avoid the delay between setting up a deposition. We can take written, audio, or even video taped statements to your firms preference.

Canvassing for Witnesses whether you have a Personal Injury case or an unclear account of what the facts are we can develop a cost effective and efficient plan to locate any witness that may have vital information to your case.

Accident Investigation incorporating all of the above Investigations along with documenting the site through video, photographs, and diagrams for you to get a better idea of the situation along with documenting the site for court.

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